Hey Dream Dolls,

My name is Kirstie I am the Owner of Dream Beauty Hair and Lashes.  I am so excited that you decided to visit my store! I am not your average entrepreneur, the reason I started Dream Beauty Hair and Eyelash collection is I am so passionate about personal appearances. I love hair and eye lashes. I am a master cosmetologist with over 15 years of experience in the hair and beauty industry. I have read and seen a lot of women upset with buying hair and lashes that did not make them happy. So I decided to share with the world the hair and lashes that I personally wear daily. So I started my own line of hair extensions and eye lashes with the Company that supplies my hair and eye lashes for personal use. So don’t be alarmed I the owner of the collection have a lot of pictures that you will see me in, wearing Dream Beauty Collection.  How many hair extension owners do you know that wear their collection of hair and eyelashes? Well I DO! I will not sale you anything that I have not already used myself. You can feel beautiful with Dream Beauty Hair and Eye Lash Collection. We strive to provide you with top quality hair and eyelash extensions at an affordable price. We provide all textures so that you can achieve the look of your Dream’s. We at Dream Beauty are very passionate about our brand and will provide customers with great customer service. Again thank you for visiting my store.